How to do a Daily Webmaster Update

  1. Check the dashboard menu for comments which need approval before they are published.
  2. Check the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild Facebook Group for any new news.
  3. Check the Portsmouth District Group for Tower News (Lisa Ashforth does the District News)
  4. Check the C&S Facebook group (but Graham may get there first!)
  5. Check Isle of Wight Facebook Group (John Stock may get there first)
  6. Check Bellboard for any news-worthy performances. Not exactly straightforward because not all members use the Guild as the nominated association. Useful searches are: Performances rung for the Guild; Performances rung in Hampshire (careful, some are Guildford Guild);  Isle of Wight; and the Channel Islands.
  7.  Check the inbox for any directly mailed news items.
  8. And finally, archive any invitations which refer to past events.


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