How to choose the correct category (out of Tower, District and Guild)

I can’t think of a situation where you would need to use more than one of these on a single post….

They refer to who organised the ringing event, so TOWER is for stuff initiated by tower captains; DISTRICT is for stuff originated by district committees, and GUILD is for stuff organised by the Exec, or events which are specifically for ALL members to attend.

It’s important to choose the right one because a lot of the news feeds use these for sorting purposes and it helps members if similar news items are grouped together on this increasingly busy website!!!

Here’s an example: If you change the time of a practice at Privett, then the categories would be:
The last category ensures that everyone across the district who visits the website (or in future who receives the A&P weekly news) will see your post, as well as people visiting the Privett Home Page.

If you organised a District Practice at Privett, the categories would be:
That way, it would be listed at the top of the District’s news feeds, as it should be, to catch people’s eye.

If the Guild organised an event at Privett then it would be:
PRIVETT, GUILD, INVITATION and for most of its life HEADLINES as well. It would not carry the ALTON AND PETERSFIELD DISTRICT category because it is really nothing to do with the district and all members of all districts are equally welcome to it.


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