CC2016 weekend – photos from the meetings

Here are some more photos from the CC 2016 weekend’s events.  Unless otherwise stated these were taken by Alan Bentley, one of our stewards for the weekend, who has kindly said we may use them.

Here is the audience listening intently to the CC meeting.

CC Mtg Audience 01

And here are the CC officers on their top table.

CC Mtg Committee

At the open meeting on the Sunday, a panellist of well known ringers discussed questions from the floor.  Left to right – Chris Mew, Tina Stoecklin, Andrew Wilby, Elva Ainsworth (chair), Michael Foulds, Pip Penney, Nigel Orchard.

Open Mtg

This year the CC leapt into the 21st century and broadcast its meetings to anyone who wanted to tune in via the internet.  After a few teething troubles it all worked quite well.

Here is the CC IT man, Dave Richards, keeping an eye on the technical stuff.

LIve Streaming

A number of people from the W&P (and beyond) very kindly offered to help out and be stewards at the meetings, counting votes and running round with microphones.  They were very conspicuous as we made them wear bright yellow tee shirts.  These were a surprisingly sought after item, and a few surplus ones were purchased by souvenir hunters.  Here are some of the stewards.


We also had several volunteers who spent time on the Help Desk answering a range of queries from CC reps and other hotel visitors.  While the meetings were going on, and the Help desk was quiet, they took a few moments to update their Facebook statuses. (photo Peter Hill)





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