New Guild Officers Needed – a message from the Master

Dear all, 

As a Guild, we are looking to move on with various items within our
Action Plan that was based on members’ feed back. Real progress has been made already.

Although the four Principal Officers will be standing down on 2nd July, we are confident that, by focusing on the positive drive that’s underway and with full support from the Executive Committee, the new Officers will ensure that projects underway will flourish, many ideas and projects will be developed and positive outcomes achieved.

We will need volunteers in place though to enable the momentum to continue. Many members volunteer for numerous tasks within their towers and Districts already and The Guild recognises and appreciates this very much. Thank you all.

2016 is the year of Guild Officer Elections; the term of office is 3 years. There are a number of opportunities for members to stamp their own mark on progress within our large geographical area with around 200 towers. The Officer posts are open to all Guild members and a variety of skills are needed, not necessarily relating to ringing, of course.

If you like a challenge and something in which to really engage, please consider using your personal skills to support The Guild’s 1,500 or so members by stepping forward to be elected as a Guild Officer. There is a great variety of volunteer tasks on offer and you could make a real and very positive difference to ringing!

If you’d like more information please see
or for an informal chat, please feel free to contact any of the Principal Officers via

– Christine Hill (Vice-Master),   Mo Routh (Secretary),  Mike Bubb (Treasurer) or

– me,  Viv Nobbs (Master).

 If the time is not right for you to serve just now, please assist us by spreading the word in your tower and District and be our eyes and ears.  If you identify another potential leader, then please chat to them and ask them to consider standing for office. Thank you.


The Guild Officers’ posts to be elected on and to serve for 3 years, from Saturday 2nd July 2016 to the 2019 Guild A.G.M, are; 

4 Principal Officers: 

Master – I’m pleased to advise that we have one candidate who has stepped forward already. 


Hon. General Secretary 

Hon. General Treasurer

Hon. Librarian and Archivist

Hon. Peal Recorder

Hon. Report Editor

Minutes Secretary

Child Protection Officer

Independent Examiner

Public Relations Officer

Two Bell Restoration Fund Trustees (1 from each Diocese)


To be elected on Saturday 2nd July 2016 then to serve for 3 years from the  Central Council’s Annual Conference in May 2017 to be held in Edinburgh.

 5 Central Council Representatives. You may have seen the positive move towards “Change” at the recent CCCBR annual conference in Portsmouth? So, a really good opportunity here for some of us to mould the future of ringing.

I do hope you’ll consider applying for an Officer post. The team efforts can be fun, rewarding and produce tangible benefits for many Guild members.

Thank you.

Viv Nobbs 

Guild Master.

To print this please load this pdf version. Guild – Guild Officers – June 2016











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