New Look for the 200 Club

Many people in the Guild will be aware of the 200 Club that Mark Esbester used to run, and which raised £17,000 for the BRF over the years. That has now been wound up, but I thought that it would be a shame to see it disappear. I would be willing to run a replacement Club but with more of an emphasis on raising money for training and retention rather than bell restoration – though some money could still go to this if required. Various possible uses for the money have been suggested. These include:
  • a new Guild simulator;
  • a portable mini-ring to be used for public displays;
  • a contribution to ART funds;
  • subsidies for members attending courses;
  • publications to be given to learners;
  • provision of publicity material.
I would propose resuming the Club very much along the lines that Mark used, with an annual £12 subscription, one or two draws per year with about 50% of the income used for prizes. If sufficient money comes in Mark suggested a 1st prize of £150, with 2nd prize £100, 3rd & 4th £50, and 6 others of £25 each – total £500.
 If anyone would be interested in joining, or have any comments on the proposal, I would be grateful if you would contact me directly by email using the form below.
Please don’t send any money yet!
I cannot use the previous bank account, so will need to set up a new one and the banks these days make you jump through more hoops than they used to. As with Mark’s club, this is a private fund-raising venture and not an official Guild activity. It would be a ‘private society lottery’ as defined in the Gambling Act 2005; this means that all subscribers would have to be Guild members or on premises used for the conduct of Guild affairs. I assume this would cover tower subscriptions, of which there were some in the previous Club.
 I have seen Mark’s list of members of his Club, but it is now rather out of date and contains mainly postal addresses so I don’t want to use it for this proposal.”

One thought on “New Look for the 200 Club”

  1. Thank you to all those who have already offered to join or rejoin the club – keep them coming! I shall get on with the bank account paperwork and let you know the details when I have them.

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