CCCBR President’s Blog May 2016      

Not intentionally but this is the second blog which has slipped to bi-monthly, just too much going on.
Following an Administrative Committee meeting on 19th March it was a welcome break to go on holiday to Italy and Switzerland. I had the privilege in Verona of being met by the president of the Veronese Association and on Easter Sunday went round with the very hospitable Verona ringers, visiting no less than 7 towers in 2 hours – makes us look slackers.
The first key activity in April was the memorial service for Sir Arthur Heywood, first President of the Central Council, held at Denstone and the two-day “Heywood Weekend” ably organised locally by the Derby Diocesan Association. A full history of Sir Arthur Heywood appeared in the RW issue of 22nd April and this has been followed by a report in issue of 13th May. I think it is appropriate to pass on thanks of the Heywood family to all the ringing fraternity for recognising and celebrating their great grandfather.
The next week started by joining the Founders Company in their Court Lunch and the following day an interview and filming with the Wall Street Journal. The latter has now published a bell ringing related article and video including ringing at St Paul’s Cathedral and interviews with Martin Cansdale and Elva Ainsworth.
The next duty was to attend a Heritage Open Day conference in Birmingham, an earlier one in London having been attended by our PRO Kate Flavell.  As many towers as possible are being encouraged to commit and register to ring in September and a flyer outlining the event is available on the CC website. Do join in and get publicity for your tower and ringing, Who knows what recruits you might pick up.
I happened to be ringing in Leicester on the fateful day when the local team were presented with the Premier League Trophy.

Needless to say the City was like a giant carnival and it was pleasing (and amusing) that as we waved from the Cathedral stairs gallery passers- by saluted, presumably in the belief that we were ringing for their team.  Just goes to prove that people do notice and appreciate the ringing of bells.
The next Saturday I had the privilege of attending the Salisbury Guild AGM in Devizes and it was great to see not only good attendance but evidence of a lot of hard work in maintaining and developing local ringing. It was good to be presenting certificates including the “Most Improved Junior Ringer” award to Lewis Hurry,   aged 13. Congratulations too to the Guild on winning the Tewkesbury Shield the previous weekend.
I will sign off now with the Council Meeting in Portsmouth looming in less than two weeks, if you are coming along do stop me and say hello.
Chris Mew  May 2016

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