6-Bell Report for Isle of Wight Entry in Competition

The bulk of this is taken from a post of Greg Jordan on the W&P website.
The Island team consisted of 1, Paul Miller (Conductor); 2, Rodney Downer; 3, Caroline May; 4, David Langford; 5, John Stock; 6, Catherine Miller. The team rang 120 changes of Grandsire doubles.
We all enjoyed our day so much on North Island so thank you guys for organising the day and making it a lovely experience.
Here is a brief report from me, from the Inter-District striking competition yesterday. Everything went smoothly and thank you to everyone for turning up smile emoticon :
The Guild 6 bell striking competition was held this morning ( Sat May 21st) at Eversley. 5 teams entered, namely Eversley, Eling, Rotherwick & Odiham, Basingstoke St Michaels and Niton & Chale.The judges Julian Hemper and Julian Ferrar gave very fair and positive comments on all the ringing and were particularly pleased when one tower had a tricky section but continued ringing, pushed through and settled down to some good ringing again. The teams and their results are as follows;-
Placed 1st St. Michael’s Basingstoke 3.5 faults, placed 2nd Eling 6.5 faults, placed 3rd Niton and Chale 8 faults, placed 4th Rotherwick and Odiham 28.5 faults, placed 5th Eversley 35 faults

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