Winchester QDM Minutes May 2016

Unconfirmed Minutes of the Quarterly District Meeting held on Saturday 14th May 2016 in the Garden of the Old Rectory, Church Lane, Easton.

1. Chairman’s welcome: The Chairman, John Croft, opened the meeting at 5.24 with a welcome to those present and with thanks to Judy Bishop, and the Easton band and helpers for laying on a splendid ringers’ tea and especially to Judy for hosting the meeting in her garden, providing a wonderful setting, to the Rector, the Revd Amanda Denniss and the Wardens for the use of the bells.

2. Attendance: The following 22 members of the District signed the attendance register (representing nine towers with two members unattached): Judy Bishop, Pam Chrismas, Sara Janssen, Susie Smith and Andrew Tan (Easton),Tony Smith (Hursley), Julian Orchard, Jane and Nigel Pridmore, and Sue Spurling (King’s Somborne), Jen Churchill, Carol Higgins and John Palk (Lockerley), Elizabeth Johnson and Ian Redway (New Alresford), Phil and Stephanie Nicholls (North Stoneham), Rodney Skinner (Ropley), Jenny Watson (Sparsholt), Bruce Purvis (Winchester Cathedral), John and Joyce Croft, (unattached); Edmund Wratten (unattached) was also present.


3. Striking Competition Results. John thanked the District for inviting him to judge the competition, saying that it was as enjoyable as ever. He congratulated all entrants: both entrants for the call-change competition and the three entrants for the method-ringing competition.
Call change-ringing Competition.
The two entries produced quite similar ringing: the team drawn to ring first, despite their nervous start, offered some sound ringing, marred mainly by faults on the handstroke leads. The team drawn to ring second again had a nervous start, and there were some inconsistencies of rhythm, notably at change 531246, where there were some gaps. Both teams had 21 faults, but the award went to the first team, whose piece showed greater consistency overall.
The results were:-
In second place: Easton; in first place: King’s Somborne.
Method-ringing Competition.
Team A rang Plain Bob Doubles at a very steady pace, with a time of 5 minutes equating to a peal speed of 3½ hours. This was the team’s main problem, which, coming after a nervous start, accrued faults when bells were on top of each other. The score was 21 faults.
Team B rang Grandsire Doubles: this was a very sound piece of ringing: the timing, at 4 minutes was just on the slow side of perfect, equating to a peal speed of 2h48’. Five faults were logged.
Team C rang Plain Bob Doubles. Their practice was far from promising! However, with their 120 rung in a somewhat slow 4½ minutes, corresponding to a peal speed of 3h09’, they completed their touch with 8 faults.
The results were:-
in second place, with 21 faults: Team A: Sparsholt and Crawley;
earning a special commendation, with 8 faults: Team C: the scratch band, comprising ringers from Lockerley and East Tytherley, New Alresford and Winchester Cathedral;
in first place, with 5 faults: Team B: Bishopstoke.

4. Apologies for absence. Apologies for absence were received from Amanda Bayford, Nicky Breen, Sue Craddock, Jacquie and John Downham, Paul Fitzgerald, Sam Fussell, Andrew Glover, Christine and Peter Hill, Hugh Hill, Sue Holder, Andrew Johnson, Nicola Plummer, Jonathan Smith and Trish Spink.

5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Subject to correction of a typographical error in the first line of Paragraph 3, Apologies for Absence, the minutes of the Annual District Meeting held on 13 February in the Parish Rooms, Romsey Abbey, were accepted as a true record. Their adoption was proposed by Bruce Purvis, seconded by John Palk, and adopted on a show of hands.

6. Matters Arising. Referring to Paragraph 11, Guild Striking Competitions, Tony apologised for failing to raise a band from Hursley to take part in this afternoon’s striking competition, there being too many of the band who were away.

7. Loss of Member through Death. A minute’s silence was observed to remember the passing of George Stoney, a member at Easton from 1992 to 2004.

8. Confirmation of belfry elections.
Compounding member: Nicola D Bright of Leiden on 10 April 2016 prior to a peal at Dordrecht, proposed by Edd Colliss, seconded by John Colliss.
Probationary members: Tom Bell of Romsey on 25 February 2016 proposed by Caroline Daniels, seconded by Martin Daniels. David Potterton of Romsey on 25 February 2016 proposed by Nigel Herriott, seconded by Jenny Herriott. Anthony Stirling of New Alresford on 1 May 2016 proposed by Ian Redway, seconded by Elizabeth Johnson. Trudy Capeling of North Stoneham on 10 May 2016 proposed by Phil Nicholls, seconded by Charles Harrison.


9. Election of new ringing members.
Peter Cates, Sally Cates and Alison Parker of Bishopstoke proposed by Roy LeMarechal, seconded by Peter Clarke. Simon Bourne of Candover Valley proposed by Emma Stevens, seconded by Peter Willis.

All confirmed on a show of hands.
Certificates and badges were taken for the eight of the 10 full members newly elected at the Annual District Meeting on 13 February and affiliated to Broughton, King’s Somborne, Lockerley, New Alresford, Romsey and Winchester College,

10. Future Events.
(i) The Queen’s Official Birthday, 11th June. Judy Bishop sought guidance on how best to mark the Queen’s Official Birthday. Suggestions were made that ringing could take place at 11.00 on Saturday 11th June, when Trooping the Colour would be taking place in London, or on Sunday 12th, to coincide with the Patron’s Lunch at St James’s park, the centrepiece event of the weekend.
(ii) Romsey Show. John Palk advised the meeting that arrangements were in hand for the District’s pitch at the Romsey Show on Saturday 10th September. He reminded the meeting of what had happened last year, including circulating local towers to ask for volunteers to help on the day, holding planning meetings, and securing the use of Graham Wright’s Mini-Ring. This year, we would have the benefit of last year’s experience; the Mini-Ring had been booked again. John observed that there had been lots of interest on the day, but this hadn’t translated into significant numbers of new recruits. Jane Pridmore suggested we produce a give-away card giving contact details for anyone wishing to take up ringing; John reminded the meeting of the need for volunteers to come early because Romsey quickly becomes gridlocked with visitors arriving by car.
(iii) District Outing, 17th September. Bruce advised the meeting that arrangements were in hand for an outing to take place in the Kennet Valley, centred on Newbury. Tony said that the outing was during the College Youths’ Peal weekend, and that in consequence he, for one, had prior commitments on the 17th in the form of peal attempts at Portsea and St Agatha’s, Portsmouth.

11. Guild AGM, Saturday 2 July
John advised the meeting that he had received an e-mail from Mo Routh, stating that the four principal officers of the Guild were not seeking re-election: she asked that the meeting be reminded of the opportunities to offer their services and skills to the Guild. On a practical matter Elizabeth reminded the meeting that the New Alresford band would be needing help with the meeting; also that attenders should be prepared to find off-street parking, (at the Station and Perin’s School) for which the maximum charge was £1.50.
Tony reminded the meeting that the District would have the opportunity to enter a band for the Inter-District Striking Competition on eight bells on the day. Edmund proposed that, with his consent, Tony be deputed to muster a band; Bruce seconded, and the meeting passed the proposal.

12. Any Other Business
Ropley. Rodney advised the meeting of the discussions taking place between interested parties – including English Heritage and the Victorian Society, as to the design of a replacement church building: discussions were ongoing, the parties aspired to having the church rebuilt by 2018.

Guild Website. Edmund remarked that the record of events on the Guild website didn’t always appear to keep pace with what was known to be happening at tower and district level, and that it was advisable to contact Rosalind Martin to secure editing privileges to update relevant pages on the Guild Website.

BRF Collection. Tony reported that £19.37 had been raised for the Guild Bell Restoration Fund.

The meeting closed at 5.57 p.m.

Appendix: Striking Competition teams
First Call change-ringing team: King’s Somborne – 21 faults
1 Sue Spurling (c) 4 Nigel Pridmore
2 Micki Nadal 5 Julian Orchard
3 Jane Pridmore 6 Bruce Purvis

Second Call change-ringing team: Easton – 21 faults
1 Judy Bishop 4 Sara Janssen
2 Pam Chrismas 5 Ian Redway (c)
3 Andrew Tan 6 Susie Smith

First Place: Bishopstoke, ringing Grandsire Doubles – 5 faults
1 Ann Le Marechal 4 Annabel Preston
2 John Dodd 5 Stuart Heath
3 Allen Guille (c) 6 Graham Wright

Second Place: Sparsholt and Crawley, ringing Plain Bob Doubles – 21 faults
1 Amanda Bayford 4 Nicky Breen
2 Sue Craddock 5 Edmund Wratten (c)
3 Adam Gawne-Cain 6 Jenny Watson

Special Commendation: Scratch Band, ringing Plain Bob Doubles – 8 faults
1 Carol Higgins 4 Bruce Purvis
2 Elizabeth Johnson 5 Jen Churchill (c)
3 Ian Redway 6 Rodney Skinner

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