How to quote the address of a web page

Some (hopefully helpful) technical information about the address of pages and posts:
If you need to refer to an address on the website, the date element of a news item is not needed, so for example the address can be given as
– The address is by default the same as the title of the item but it can also be another address, and can be a conveniently shorter. **This needs to be decided before the item is posted on the site if we are not to create broken links. ** So the above post could have been addressed
You can bag an address and quote it before a news item is created, and the webmaster posting it can retrofit it to make the link work. Just let us know if you need that to be done. This is VERY useful on posters – you can put a nice short address for further information at the bottom of the poster, and then it can be subsequently put on the website. **Please try out the address and make sure it is free, first!

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