Update on BBC Music Day (Friday June 3rd)

Michael Orme writes:

I am working with the BBC on this one, they are excited at the prospect, please let them know you are taking part, some interviews are being set up and a good response from the exercise will help ringers get more BBC airtime.

This seems like a good chance to promote ringing as Music rather than leaving the public with their recent impression that it is now primarily a sport!

Yes, there are loads of things to ring for, and yes, wouldn’t we love to have 18 months warning together with a copper-bottomed guarantee that this or that particular event will be “big” in the media, but at least this event is under the control of the BBC so Michael’s Intel is probably worth a fair amount of copper!

June the 3rd is a Friday – the day of the week when there is usually least pre-arranged ringing – not a bad choice for a special occasion!!!

Post your plans below and the website team will make sure the BBC knows about them.


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