How to check a Post you have just added to the website

We’ve all suffered the frustration of posting news and NOT seeing it appear immediately in the relevant news feeds.

This is normal – it can take up to 45 minutes – but means you might want to visit the POSTS PAGE to see your post is as it should be.

The POSTS page is part of the “dashboard” side of the website management system, and shows you:

  • The posts, most recent first
  • The categories and tags you have used
  • An extract of the text
  • The author (click on this and you will see a list of ALL that author’s posts – can be very handy!)

Clicking on the name of the post will take you into the ADMIN VERSION OF THE EDITOR which is slightly different from the one you may be familiar with. To access the usual editor, click PREVIEW then the little word EDIT under the title of the post, as usual.

Clicking Quick Edit lets you update tags and categories.

Clicking Trash is not recommended – once a post is out of date please archive it.

Click here to see the posts page

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