Overton Photograph by Rosemary Oakeshott

St Mary’s Overton Date Touch for Queen’s Birthday

A date touch of 1926 Spliced Polhampton Little Bob and Plain Bob Triples was rung at Overton on the 21st April to mark the 90th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth 11, the length being the year of her birth. Polhampton Little Bob Triples  was previously rung  to a quarterpeal  and is named after Polhampton Stud and the composition was composed on board the Cunard ship Queen Elizabeth last summer during bad weather. Full details of the performance can be found on Bellboard.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Thursday, 21 April 2016 in 1hr 6mins
Overton, Hampshire
St Mary
Tenor: 10–0–19 in G
1926 Spliced Polhampton Little and Plain Bob Triples
Composed by David A Holmes
1 Paul Myers
2 Ken Waller
3 Christine Holmes
4 Carol Waller
5 Ben Waller
6 Joanne A Waller
7 David A Holmes (C)
8 Adrian P Lewis
90th Birthday compliment to HM Queen Elizabeth II.




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