How to create photos, videos and posters for use on the website

Good images and videos add untold value to any website

That’s a given – people’s engagement with a web page tends to be short and they probably won’t read every word so an image can help to get your message across.

Taking a photo for the website

It you feel inspired to take a photo for the website, then look for:

  • Good light. Have your camera on you at all times and you will be surprised how photogenic towers can look in random moments of strong sunlight, lovely cloudscapes, snow or frost, spring flowers….
  • Decent resolution, but it doesn’t have to be very high for use on a screen in order to look impressive. Too high and your photo may take ages to load when members read your post.
  • If you include children, you need WRITTEN permission from their parents. Please! This is a legal requirement. This form needs to be signed once and a scanned copy sent to We are advised not to use children’s names online except on Peal and Quarter Peal reports when consent has been given.
  • If you include adults please give them a chance to remove themselves from photos – make sure they understand that you may post photos and videos you are taking on the website, facebook etc. If you have already taken a photo of them when they ask this, let them watch you delete it.
  • Landscape photos work best as feature images.

Landscape or Portrait? Images Sizes?

Landscape. The banner at the top of the screen is short and wide not tall and thin!

Your image may be cropped savagely by the website and by Twitter and Facebook so it’s best to have the items of interest in the centre (eg faces).

To control the cropping of a feature image at the top of a news item (or page), go to the media library, (WPAdmin -> Media Library ->Edit Image) and set the second size parameter (the height) to 300 or less. (This can be undone later – the resolution of the base image is not affected).

Website-Friendly Posters

A selection of posters is above – which ones work and why? Landscape is better for the website but otherwise A good poster works well online AND on your tower notice board for pretty much the same set of reasons:

  • A limited amount of BIG TEXT to explain the event
  • Colour & simple images catch the eye
  • Any personal details comply with the consent form the organiser has filled in (ie no plain text email addresses, no phone number used without explicit consent)
  • Use the web address at the bottom – of your District, tower, or the event itself if you wish….
  • If you need a lot of extra information, then by all means make that small and in the tower, people will come closer to read it; online they will click through to the PDF which brings me on to……

Putting a poster or photo onto the website

To upload a picture to the website, click the media library icon Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.26.14 from the post editor and then select ADD NEW. There are more detailed instructions here:

When using wordpress instructions, bear in mind that there are several different media library management programs – generally there are 2 versions of every editor, the simple day to day one (that this course uses) and a more powerful version accessed from the WPAdmin menu,

Best Poster practice is:

  • Use a screen shot of the poster as the Feature Image for the event post or the District Logo if you have one.
  • Very text-heavy poster? Screen shot the main info only!
  • Copy the text of the poster into the main body of the post (otherwise it isn’t machine readable
  • Give access to a fair copy (probably a pdf) for people to print.

PDFs or screen shots only are not enough because the internal search facility doesn’t look at the media library, only at the text of posts.

Using Videos

You will need a Youtube login for this – it is technically possible to put videos in the media library but they gobble space so please don’t!!!!!

  1. Take the video – short is good….
  2. When in wifi range, upload to Youtube. This can take over an hour so be patient.
  3. When uploaded, view the video, copy the URL and just paste it into your post. It should magically turn into an embedded video. It won;t if you are inside a formatting section like this…… so make sure you are properly on a new line.

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