How to post News Items about your tower

Create a New Post

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.20.59If you are correctly logged in to WordPress you will see a black band at the top of the screen when you visit the website. This gives you access to the editor functions you need.

Hover over the Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.22.52icon and the main menu will appear. Beside BLOG POSTS click ADD.

The Title

This should contain all the vital information – “Practice Cancelled” is hopeless! “Overton Practice Cancelled Thursday May 12th” is ideal! A checklist is the title usually should contain:

  • Venue
  • Date
  • Day of the week
  • Time
  • Summary of what the post is saying

The Contents

The first 55 words will become an except anywhere that is needed, or in FB the first 15 or so so best not to repeat the title, but to give other essential information first.

If it’s a long news item break it up with sub headings or images to make it easier to digest.

It makes a post more friendly and more informative if you include contact details – here’s how to do it…

Type the contact’s  name into the post, highlight it,and use the hotlinks iconScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.07.23 link to http:// (this is only suitable for short-lifetime news – if Joan hands on to another contact the hard-coding will not reflect that.)

Please don’t include email addresses in the text, or in included pdf files or included word files because as a team we have undertaken not to publish them – it’s a spam-protection.

The Categories and Tags

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.26.31Into the Category Search bar, start typing your tower’s name. As you type, WordPress should find the right category, and you need to tick its box.

Now, assuming this is tower news, start typing the word Tower and tick that category as well.

Now find your District’s name and tick that as well – this will make your news visible to other people in the District as well… you do not HAVE to tick it but it is a great way of making your tower look as if it is a “happening” tower….

Now for the 2 most important categories: NEWS  and INVITATION. These are used in almost every news feed in the website so leaving them out will make your news pretty well invisible. Invitation relates to future events INCLUDING CANCELLATIONS, and news to more retrospecive posts. It’s OK to tick both if you wish.

The TOWER and INVITATION categories used together will add  your news to the “tower directory” page which is a very popular one, so your news is more likely to be seen.


You can use any tag you like and make up new ones. On this website they are mostly method names. It’s a good habit to tag your methods – it leads people to other, similar, news.

Summary: You will probably tick the categories Towername, Districtname, TOWER, INVITATION, NEWS on almost all your tower posts. 

The Featured Image

If you click Set Featured Image then you will be taken to the media library and asked to select a picture. You will probably need to use the search facility Search Iconbecause there are hundreds of pictures in the library now. Tower picture names include the name of the tower to help you find them.

You do not have to have a featured image but the website, facebook, Twitter and some email sysytems use featured images in various different ways to encourage people to read your news so it is advisable.

Preview and Publish

Preview is FANTASTICALLY USEFUL as it lets you check your post on all 3 screen sizes, beware the featured image may not work perfectly in this view though. Get into the habit of using it before you publish – to motivate you, remember the master gets an email every time a post is published so she will see all your typos!!! and USE IT TO CHECK YOUR CATEGORIES as well….

Publish when you are happy with your post. News arrives on the relevant news feeds between 2 and 40 minutes after it is published.

Changing a Post

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.11.56After you have published your post you can edit it in several ways – here’s an easy one! Click  EDIT (see pic above) just below the post’s title.  PUBLISH will have changed to UPDATE but otherwise the options are just the same before.

** Beware the editor can take a while to load and you need to be patient before the contents of the post will appear. You can change the title, contents, categories, tags and Featured image but….

Changes will appear:

  • Immediately when someone next loads your page
  • If you change categories, within 40 minutes
  • on Google, it can take days…
  • on Facebook, if you create a link to your post you will probably pick up the original image and contents. It takes days for this to change…
  • If the change is really significant in the real world (like an event cancellation) an extra post to make sure people realise….

And Archiving it

When posts are past their useful life, they are archived (by hand, as part of the duty webmaster’s task list, or by YOU the writer preferably!!). They will stay on the site to remind people how busy your tower is, prevent google users from getting broken links, and help build a pretty interesting historical record of our Guild.

Advanced Stuff you can ignore

SHARING is for social media experts – by default the sharing and like buttons are shown, and add these to the bottom of the post, to let social media users share your news without breaking a sweat at all…..
Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.45.36


POST FORMAT is not used by the website so you needn’t set it – it has no effect.

MORE OPTIONS SLUG allows you control of the page name of your news (occasionally useful, it defaults to the title. It allows you to control the URL of your post and keep is short and relevant).

EXCERPT allows you to control what excerpt is used – occasionally useful.



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