Posting News items about your Committee or a Special Interest

Think about your audience

What’s the widest reach you want? District committee people? Ordinary members? You may need to explain background or technical stuff to get new people interested in your item.

Create a New Post

The Title

This should contain all the vital information – “Striking Committee News” will send people running in the opposite direction… but “My Vision for Striking Competitions by Greg Jordan” got 70 hits which isn’t at all bad. Be realistic – the word “committee” switches YOU off doesn’t it?

The Contents

Try to keep people reading. The key idea is probably best put at the  beginning, realistically people  have short attention spans online. Images and titles will break up the text and help people to stay on board.

The Categories and Tags

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.26.31Into the Search bar, start typing your committee’s name. As you type, WordPress should find the right category, and you need to tick its box.

Then tick GUILD (Assuming it’s a Guild Committee). That’s not a particularly strong news feed driver so in practice you will need HEADLINE to get this post in front of the members.


Then tick any other relevant categories (districts or towers this item relates to, for example). Each time you tick a category, you are probably increasing the audience for your news.

The Featured Image

A screen shot of the event poster, or the tower photo, or person’s mugshot can work well too.

Preview and Publish, Changing a Post And Archiving it

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