How to Post a News Item about your District

Create a New Post

The Title

This should contain all the vital information – “District Practice” is not enough! Go for “Losechester District Practice on Saturday May 17th at Furdingbridge – Plain Bib Ocatvius”

The Contents

The Categories and Tags

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.26.31Into the Search bar, start typing your district’s name. As you type, WordPress should find the right category, and you need to tick its box.

This is District News (it gets higher priority than Tower News in most feeds) so tick DISTRICT and NEWS  and probably INVITATION. These latter 2 are used in almost every news feed in the website so leaving them out will make your news pretty well invisible. Invitation relates to future events INCLUDING CANCELLATIONS, and news to more retrospective posts. It’s OK to tick both if you wish.

As a rule of thumb, whole-district invitations are considered to be sufficiently important to be a HEADLINE on the site – this means front page news, and also being on every page on the site…. and every weekly news sheet WOW!


It’s a good habit to tag your methods – it leads helps people to find other, similar, news.

Summary: You will probably tick the categories Districtname, DISTRICT, INVITATION, NEWS and possibly HEADLINE on almost all your District posts. 

The Featured Image

This is essential for Headlines and there are more notes on featured images in this “how to” post:

If you click Set Featured Image then you will be taken to the media library and asked to select a picture. You will probably need to use the search facility Search Iconbecause there are hundreds of pictures in the library now. Tower picture names include the name of the tower to help you find them.

You do not have to have a featured image but the system uses it in various different ways to encourage people to read your news so it is advisable. Some Districts now have a logo (see below)  and others may follow – this “brands” your post and promotes your District.

A screen shot of the event poster, or the tower photo, can work well too.

Preview and Publish, Changing a Post And Archiving it



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