How to be a Website Editor – notes for training day 23rd April

Purpose of the website

Being a website editor is a a positive commitment and can be hard work, so first a reminder of why this relatively complex news-filled site exists….

  • To provide a clear and up to date picture of the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild, all its Districts and all its Towers, which is useful to our members, visiting ringers, and interested members of the public.
  • To encourage ALL Guild members to see themselves as taking part in not just their local band, but their District, their Guild, and the wider bellringing community.
  • (taken from )

Your Role as a Web Editor

There are lots of aspects to the role and it is up to you which is the best fit with your skills, what you enjoy, and the time you have available. They include these which are supported by full notes:

And these which you can work on today if you wish with some help!

  • Updating tower pages
  • Updating District Pages
  • Getting to grips with display-posts to create your own news feed

Date, Venue, Time, etc

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 15.18.29

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