DEADLINE – Calling for the Terrified (Guild Training)

Christine Writes:
Today is officially the closing date for the receipt of applications for the “Calling for the Terrified” course, to be based at Kingsclere on Saturday 16th April.

We have a few spaces left and I can hang on for another few days before closing the list. Further copies of the Poster and application form are attached – which I know will already have been sent out by your District Secretaries – but if this is of interest to you, or you know of somebody else within your tower who would enjoy it, this is an opportunity not to be missed. I don’t think we have run this course since about 2008 and it may be a while before we can fit it in again, so – if anybody wants to have a go, this is your chance!

As always, I am more than happy to answer questions.


Please find attached posters and application forms for CALLING FOR THE TERRIFIED which will take place on Saturday 16th April 2016, based at Kingsclere.   This is for anybody who wants to have a go at calling simple call changes, and those who want to move on to calling plain courses or simple touches of doubles methods.   It is intended for ringers of all abilities, from those with no experience at all of calling, to those who have done a little bit and want to be a bit more ambitious.

Poster – Calling for the Terrified

Application Form – Calling for the Terrified

If this would interest you, or if you have friends in your tower whom you think would like to come – we look forward to receiving your applications.

From Christine Knights-Whittome, Guild Education Committee

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