How to keep a record of your Quarter Peals and Peals

Overheard – a Tower Captain talking to a recent “First Quarter” Scorer:

I would advise you to keep a written record of all your Peals and Quarters – I wish I had done so, and it would be easy for you to start now!

The simplest way of keeping paper records of your performances is to print each one out from an online source. There are various websites which comprehensive record of performances – Pealbase  (Peals only) Campanophile, and Bellboard. To keep this simple I am only using Bellboard in this article.

Here’s How to Print Your Perfomances

  1. Go to the search page of Bellboard
  2. Type your name into the Ringer box
  3. Press Search and you will see a list of all the performances for your name.
  4. Click the blue name of the church to see the details of a performance
  5.  bellboard highlighting the pdf iconClick the small pdf icon (ringed in red in the graphic here) to see a nicely laid out printable version of the performance.


More Tips about Bellboard

  1. If your name has been spelled wrongly, then it is up to the conductor (or the person who keyed it in for them) to correct it.
  2. If you find several people share your name,  you may want to always give your initial as well. So Fred Bloggs would be listed as Fred T. Bloggs. Don’t forget to tell each conductor you ring with!
  3. Peals are more formally recorded so Fred Bloggs will appear as Frederick T. Bloggs. To pick up all his performances you will need to use the search name Fred* Bloggs.
  4. You can save a search and ask for an email notification each time a new performance is seen by that search – to do that you will need to be logged in to Bellboard.

Invitation for more hints and tips

I am not a Bellboard expert and there is a Reply box at the bottom of this item – please use it to share your expertise if you wish. Bellboard is a powerful system and most of which are not mentioned here. I am also happy to publish articles on Pealbase and Campanophile should anyone be keen to write them.


One thought on “How to keep a record of your Quarter Peals and Peals”

  1. May I suggest that one also records the page number of the Ringing World on which your peal and especially quarter peals are published. This way you will know that they have been published for not all quarters appear in print. My records go back to 1960 if anyone wants them for their tower.
    Alan Buswell.

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