Eling Band Achieves Lion’s Share of Tower Captain’s Firsts Fortnight Goals….

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016Derek Jackson’s original challenge to the Eling Band created a lot of curious interest online (it has been one of the most-read Firsts Fortnight posts) and inspired no fewer that TWENTY THREE people to attend the practice night that week! Here’s what the band achieved…. RM

  1. Daniel to ring in a striking competition for the FIRST time. DONE
  2. All participants of the theory lessons do their homework for the FIRST time and work out the figures of X 14 X 36 X 16 etc Lead end 16 (Which gives you 1 5 6 3 4 2)
  3. Tina learn to call a basic call-change.Done 15/03
  4. John ring the treble unaided to a touch of Little Bob Minor without help, for the FIRST time. Done 15/03
  5. Lawrence ring above inside for the FIRST time.
  6. Susanne learn to raise a ball IN PEAL for the FIRST time.
  7. David to identify a Minor method he could ring FIRST, once he notifies the rest of us.DONE
  8. Susanne. Choose any tune and convert it into handbell music so that the handbell team ring it FIRST. Done 15/03, and very musical!
  9. Lawrence. Write out a plain course of Stedman Triples.

a. Alan learn Carlisle Surprise Minor for the FIRST time, and ring it on Sunday.. DONE .

b. David ditto.DONE
c. D.C.J. ditto DONE
d. Margaret F. ditto.DONE
e. Margaret F2 ditto.DONE
f. Steve ditto.DONE
g.Get Well Maurice ditto. and a quarter dedicated Done 13/03

11. Mary. Ring P.C. of D.N.C.B.M.    Done 15/03
12. Polly Call a basic touch of Stedman Triples.       Done 15/03
13. William. Ring his first quarter peal.      Done 13/03
14. Polly Ring a quarter peal of Cambridge Surprise Minor.    Done 12/03

Derek Jackson

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 16.30.12

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