The Website Contacts System – How it works


Objectives of the system:

  1. To facilitate easy contact with post holders in the Guild (primarily committee members and tower correspondents)
  2. To minimise unwanted (spam) communications
  3. the data design to be clean and easily understood
  4. To require minimal administration when changes occur in the real world.
  5. To comply with the Data Protection Act
  6. To allow each District Secretary to be “correspondent” for all towers that do not have one of their own.

Basic Principles

  • Contact information is used only with the person’s understanding and permission. Best if they fill in this form
  • Each person’s contact information will be held in one post only, and of it is required to display it elsewhere, then it will embedded not copied.
  • The short name of their contact post is consistent with this design:
  • A person’s email address will not be published on the website, even inside posters, without their express consent. Instead the short name of the contact form is used. (Spam protection)
  • A person’s telephone number may be used on a poster.
  • Jpg and png forms of email addresses are less vulnerable so this is an acceptable way to show a poster.
  • One person has normally got one contact post. In certain circumstances an individual may have 2 contact posts (there is only currently ONE of these exceptions). This arises when they have a strong need to keep emails separate on 2 different subjects. Mostly though if a person has 2 or 3 roles, they still have one form.
  • Each district has a “contact … district secretary” post as well – this will be categorised as tower correspondent for all towers which don’t have one of their own. Thus the secretary PERSONALLY does not look after these towers, the person with that ROLE does. The clever bit is the secrerary post doesn’t have any contact information of its own – it just includes the personal post as its content. see winchester as an example – here is the contact secretary post and here is the actual person’s post. If you are altering information in one or other of these please make sure you change the correct one!
  • The roles held are denoted by the categories of the contact post ONLY – they need not be hard coded into any list of people.
  • If a person hands over their role suddenly, then every reference to them would change within an hour of the contact posts themselves being amended.
  • These standards are being applied so far in these district/tower pages

How to change a person’s contact details.

  • Suppose Fred Bloggs has changed telephone number.
  • Using the search button, locate the post contact Fred Bloggs.
    Click “edit” (you will need to be logged in to do this and to have at least EDITOR status)
  • Alter the information and save.
  • Email addresses are present in the post embedded in the contact form code. They can be safely changed within that code. they are not displayed on the website.

How to move a role to a new person.

  • Suppose Fred Bloggs handed over as tower correspondent of Hambletown to Joe Smith.
  • First check if Joe already has a contact post. If he does, then add Hambletown and Tower Correspondant to his categories.
    Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 09.27.26
  • If Joe does not yet have a post, then (once you have his consent) create a new post with title Contact Joe Smith but use the Copy Post feature of the wordpress editor. This brings across all Fred’s categories – but make sure you change the post title and the slug to be Contact Joe Smith. (changing the slug is within “More Options” in the editor (see image) If Fred has other roles, those need to be knocked off Joe’s post. Leave Contacts, Hambletown, Tower Correspondant and and the District’s name. Delete the rest.
  • If Fred has no other roles, then don’t forget to delete his (now unneccesary) contact post when you have published Joe’s. (DP Act – data should only held for as long as it is needed)
  • Then in about an hour check the tower and district pages. Fred’s name should have been replaced by Joe’s by then.
  • Joe will also appear on the alphabetical contact directory.
  • Lastly use the website search and look again for Fred Bloggs. If he had wrongly been hard coded elsewhere please contact me and I will sort it! Rosalind

Using Joe’s contact details in a post.

Quick way:

Type his name into the post, highlight it,and use the hotlinks icon (chain link) and link to http:// (this is only suitable for short-lifetime news – if Joe hands on to another contact the hard-coding will not reflect that.

Clever way

(which displays Joe’s phone number in the post, or his successor if he hands over) is to insert this code:  zzz

clever way short


Even Cleverer way

(which displays Joe’s phone number AND AN EMAIL FORM in the post) is to insert this code:

clever way


Using Joe’s contacts details on a poster

Posters are printed on paper and displayed on notice boards – so people cheerfully hard code email addresses on them. (Telephone numbers are not a problem this section is only about email addresses)

Unfortunately, when they are copied onto the website then the email addresses can be harvested by spammers. This applies as soon as the posted is loaded into the media library in .docx or .doc or .pdf form.

Simple Solution


  • Quick and easy to do
  • Poster looks the same as the creator intended


  • ALL Information on poster is invisible to search engines
  • ALL information on poster is also invisible within the website search…
  • All information also invisible to speech recognition software so this is unsiutable for blind/partially sighted ringers.


  • Upload a screen shot of the poster and embed only that in your post. That is believed to be much harder for spammers to see.

Best Solution


  • Poster can be used in pdf form on website – easier for users to download and print
  • Text from poster can be added to the post, verbatim (nice and quick!) and is then visible to search engines
  • Text is accessible to users of speech recognition software


  • Poor understanding (currently) of this solution – needs more education!
  • Takes 2 minutes extra if you have been given a poster which needs amending


Alter the original poster and change:

email Joe Bloggs at


email Joe Bloggs using

Then upload the poster into the media library and “insert” it into the post.

Then copy all the content of the poster into the post as well, to make it visible to the search facility within the website.

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