Categories Overview

This is shamelessly cribbed from Ros’s Facebook post.  I’ve put it here so that I can find it.


Most posts are likely to appear in either one of these categories. NEWS is usually past event reports; INVITATION is about future events.


Every news-worthy item must have this category, apart from information about events (invitations/cancellations). This hooks the item in to the various news feeds and without it the post will be pretty much ignored by the system feeds.

INVITATION (Invitation and Cancellations)

This applies to both forthcoming events where you want ringers to attend, and any cancellations. It puts the item higher up in most news feeds than just general news category.  Full details can be found in this post by RM.



Any news items in this category will appear on the front page on the right and indeed on every page on the right. So it’s a powerful category! I use it for about 6 to 10 items a week. They go on win-port as the weekly news and also are incorporated in all the other weekly news email and FB posts. All guild event ads and almost all district events get this designation. So do interesting articles!

Detailed post covers making a “headline” post.


Reflects who organised an event.  Again this places the news into different feeds. It is rare for more than one of these to be used on a post. TOWER will place the news onto the tower directory page, DISTRICT will place it onto the District Directory page.

Some of the most important news feeds are the District ones – in C&S (and hopefully soon in other districts) these are copied into a weekly email/FB post. the category DISTRICT will push the news to the top of that email so is reserved for events organised for the District Committee.

Typically, a news item about some ringing will be tagged with the Tower’s name and the District’s name as a matter of course.

TOWER name Eg Eling or Basingstoke All Saints
Places the news into the feed either on or beside the tower page.

Eg Alton and Petersfield District
Most news is relevant to one of the Districts.

For guild events, this is for any events such as training events or inter districts striking competitions


  • A district practice at Fawley would be INVITATION, DISTRICT, CHRISTCHURCH AND SOUTHAMPTON DISTRICT, FAWLEY   (and for the first week HEADLINE as well)
  • A Guild Education event at Fawley would be INVITATION, FAWLEY, GUILD, WP GUILD EDUCATION (and for the first week HEADLINE as well)

All 3 would be in C&S’s news feed but would be presented in different places in that news feed. Note the Guild Education event isn’t listed as C&S because it is equally relevant to all the districts. All would be invited.


Once something is out of date it should be put into this category. It will no longer be displayed on the current news feeds (not the newer ones anyway. Some of the older news feeds are still to be upgraded to do this.) More details about how to archive here


These are used on tower pages and District and Guild Officer pages. 99% of these posts are an individual’s contact details. We are working towards having no personal information held on any pages other than these ones – the relevant information being included using display-posts.
They don’t appear on new style news feeds.


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