District Practice & Hartless Striking competition report

We have had another wonderful district practice and striking competition at Fawley, with over thirty members from across the district joining us. The first hour was for the practice with a mixture of rounds and call changes, various methods, and plan courses and even touches of St Clement’s minor (the special method for the practice).

Judge providing feedback to the bands

The remainder of the afternoon was taken up with the Hartless Shield Striking Competition. There were six bands entered this year, including a band formed from the district youths.
As usual the standard of ringing was very high, presenting a nice challenge for our judge Alan Bentley.

With such good ringing the result was very close, but (again) Eling came out on top piping Christchurch in to second place and the District youth into very creditable third place. John Davey, one of the guild officers, presented the winning teams with their certificates, and Eling the Hartless Shield.

By good fortune we even have a recording of the winning ringing by the Eling band. and a link to the Youth Band’s ringing on Youtube

Eling receiving the Hartless Shield at Fawley

The next practice is scheduled for the Saturday the 23rd of April, with the tower to be confirmed.  If you’ve never been to one I’d strongly recommend you do as they are a wonderful opportunity to ring at another tower, with other people, and maybe something you don’t normally ring.  Hope to see you there.

PS. a very special thank you to David Forder for providing the pictures for use in this post.

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