Wickham Band Reporting for Firsts Fortnight

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016Firsts Fortnight got off to a good start in Wickham tonight. Larry Hunter rang plain hunt from the 2 for the first time, Pearl Gatfield rang plain hunt from the treble for the first time, Paul Reynolds rang plain hunt from the 5 for the first time, and also called the bells into Kings and back, and Greg Painter rang plain bob doubles from the 2 (not quite for the first time but almost without help). We were also delighted to have Simon King pop in for a visit before he goes back to France tomorrow. Simon took the 4 for a touch of Stedman doubles (ringing for the first time since October) and hasn’t lost his touch at all! Hopefully we can add a couple more firsts at Wickham next week.

facebook logo smallLisa Ashforth Reporting

(via Portsmouth District Facebook Group)

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