How To Update Your (District or Tower) Online Calendar

This set of tips assumes your email address is a “@gmail” one – but all email providers support calendars in similar ways.

Starting to update a calendar can be complicated – these notes are meant to support any personal help you may need, not replace it!

District and Tower Calendars are set to public so that they can be embedded on the website, but you will need to be invited to edit them – the website itself does not provide editorial tools.

If you already have some online calendars

  • You will need an invitation from the owner of the calendar to update it. This invitation should be sent to your @gmail address or other suitable address.
  • You need to be logged in to that account to update the calendar
  • When you receive the invitation, click the link provided to see the calendar.
  • Make changes bearing in mind the “Advice” below.

If this is your first experience of online calendars Careful with TIME ZONES!!!!

  • Click the settings wheel (top right, small cog wheel) and select SETTINGS
  • Check your settings – gmail defaults to American time and this will seriously upset a UK calendar!
  • If you don’t understand something then take a quick look at “learn more”, or leave the default as it is.
  • then click SAVE – this is essential or you will still be working in a US time zone!

Another Way of setting the time zone:

  •  I changed the time zone through the yellow highlighted box that appeared around the date & time boxes, rather than through settings. That said, when I looked at the settings option, I did find that I could change the date from the annoying American back to front format to our much more sensible one. So I’m happy about that.” Val Harris, AP District


  • Keep the website view of the calendar open in a tab of your browser. Each time you make a change to an event, save it, refresh the website view and check it worked properly.
  • Please bear in mind that the viewer may be sitting miles away… descriptions on the calendar should be as helpful as possible. AP District Practice at Alton is MUCH better than District Practice!
  • Start and end times may not be confirmed yet, but “evening” or “afternoon” in the description is better than nothing at all. New members won’t know that “The ADM is always in the afternoon” for example. Events with no time will show up as all day.
  • shows latitude and longitude from Dove
    click image to enlarge!

    Location – ringers habitually use the village or church name as a location for a ringing event. However Google Calendars use google map search and the village centre may or may not be within sight of the church. So start typing and see what google comes up with – these days most churches are “google places” but their naming is a bit haphazard! If the church is unknown to Google then the latitude and longitude work every time, and these will be on the tower’s Dove Page. Visit the page for the tower, click “Dove Tower  Page”  (see image above) and copy and paste the pair of numbers into the Location box on the calendar.

  • You can check Google’s interpretation of your location by clicking “Map“.
  • shows which calendar you are working onMake sure you are working on the right calendar! (see image)
  • When filling in the description please bear in mind these calendars can be embedded into any website and onto anyone’s phone. So the gold standard for descriptions would be a hot link to the news item for this event. Problem – when you plan the event there is no news item yet!!! Next best is a link to the page where the news will appear – the District Page or the Tower’s own page if it is a tower event.

Creating a Hot Link Description

  • Visit the page you want to link to, and copy the URL.
  • In the description box, type this: <a href=”  this means “start a hot link to the address”
  • Then Paste the page URL so now it should look like  <a href=”
  • Then type “> Click for more information</a>  this means “finish the address, display this text, that’s the end of the hot link”.
  • So the whole hot link will look like this:  <a href=””&gt; Click for more information</a>

Repeating Events

  • shows repeat buttonPractice nights are often weekly. The repeat button is very powerful – weekly on Thursdays, never end, is likely to be what you want.
  • Monthly events can be “monthly on 2nd Thursday” for example. Unfortunately 5th Thursdays are not supported. Create an event that runs “last Thursday” and delete all the ones you don’t want. Yes, a shame!

Changing the Day or time of an event

  • Select Month View and events can be pushed from the old day to the new day with the mouse. Easy!
  • Select Day view and the event can be pushed to a new time.

Cancelling an Event

  • Edit the event’s Title so it starts with CANCELLED. It is almost always better to do this than to just delete the item from the calendar – it is much clearer to your members.

Copying a similar event

  • duplicating an eventThis is usually faster than creating one from scratch. Select the event and under more actions, choose duplicate
  • Change the information required and Save.

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