Captain’s Challenge to Eling Bellringers

You may be interested in our application of the FIRSTS FORTNIGHT challenge.  It certainly came in “like a lion” on day one of March, And we had 23 in the belfry last night
Dear All
Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016If you read the latest item on the W&P website  you will find the adjacent motif and a message from the Guild Master.  EVERYONE is challenged to do something for the FIRST time and to let the Guild Master know.  I have been thinking and can put forward some suggestions.  I will then be a nuisance and keep asking you about your progress!  Here are some suggestions:-
1. Daniel to ring in a striking competition for the FIRST time.
2. All participants of the theory lessons do their homework for the FIRST time and work out the figures of X 14 X 36 X 16 etc    Lead end 16 (Which gives you 1 5 6 3 4 2)
3. Tina learn to call a basic call-change.
4. John ring the treble unaided to a touch of Little Bob Minor without help, for the FIRST time.
5. Lawrence ring above inside for the FIRST time.
6. Susanne learn to raise a bell IN PEAL for the FIRST time.
I could make lots of suggestions.  Now make up yours for March.
It will “Come in like a lion,
            and go out like a lamb.”

I call my cat liquorice
/  o   o  \
( ==  ^  == )
)         (
(           )
( (  )   (  ) )


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