How To Be A Website Editor

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The website team is steadily growing in both numbers and expertise, using the Guild Website to promote events, share news, and start to collect together the sort of content which is attractive (and comprehensible) to non-ringers, as well as people who are looking for opportunities to develop their own skills.

Numbers on this course will be limited to ensure that everyone is successful in learning how to get started (or more advanced skills if you are ready) so please book early.

Contact to book your place and arrange your logins for the testing and live websites

Bring a laptop, smart-phone or tablet

Bring something you would like to post as news (a future event or a news report)

Have added at least one news item to the live website

Have seen how to add the item to appropriate news feeds by using categories

Know how to archive out of date news

Know how to change your contact information

Know how to encourage your members to read your news!

W and P Web Editor Training Event v2 (printable poster)

Book Your Place


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