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We have received the following update from Libby Alexander of Ringing for England, which takes place on St. George’s Day Saturday April 23rd.

I am contacting you because I wonder if I could put to you a proposition.  In the past I have suggested to all the Branches/Guilds that perhaps, since the act of ringing is special on April 23rd    a tower within each City could be dedicated to being ‘open’ to the public for them to try their hand at ringing.  I am always being told there are not enough ringers or they are worried about the future and I thought this was the perfect solution.  In the past, whenever it has been done, the response has been excellent and local media have loved it. By having an open day on St. George’s day would unite the idea of being part of a national event, being part of a community activity, being a celebration of our special churches and, most important, being exposed to the skills of bell ringing.  It would also make the public feel more at ease in approaching a church, which they might not otherwise do, if they felt others across the country were doing the same.

Your cities of Alton, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester have several lovely churches and with everyone out and about on a Saturday it must surely be an excellent draw.  The first one this year to come forward is in Somerset and the response from social media has been terrific even though it is only in a village.  I feel sure being in a city would definitely be a positive move for your Guild.  I would love to hear your views on this and look forward to hearing from you.

I have just heard that CCT and English Heritage have now been joined by The Landmark Trust who also want to be involved.  My Best Regards, Libby

Ringing for England iconLibby Alexander

Ringing for England Campaign – April 23rd 2016


Telephone:  07799 23 04 23

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