Education Committee Does It Again.

Hearts race on a superbly organised ringing course on higher numbers of bells.

A damp day didn’t temper the heady mix of excitement and trepidation as ringers gathered to learn about ringing on higher numbers. Two groups did their initial learning with Andy Ingram at Bishopstoke and Martin Daniel at Hursley  then both groups came together at the beautiful Winchester Cathedral to test what they had learned. Refreshed with tea and cake people climbed the unexpectedly narrow staircase and were rewarded with the sight of the Cathedral’s impressively cavernous ringing chamber. Pulses quickened with nerves as students approached the ropes to practice the very different technique of ringing on so many bells, namely holding up on hand and back strokes, leaving huge gaps at the back and literally ringing on top of the bells at the front. Listening to your bell was very difficult due to the sheer volume and speed of the striking but the supportive atmosphere meant that you never felt awkward asking any helper for assistance and that led to a huge boost in confidence which we all know makes you feel like you can achieve anything! Well not many of us get to practice plain hunt on 14 do we?

A huge thank you goes to all the helpers who gave up their time. The logistics of organising 30 tutors for 12 students must have been tremendous and we are blessed to have such a proactive Guild Education Committee that is constantly running training courses for us all.

What goes around comes around and if I am good enough one day to be asked to help I will repay the debt, hopefully you will too… because helping others to grow warms the heart.



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