How To….Make a Headline Piece of News

  • All Guild event invitations are headlines for a week, as are District Events as these are of relevance to all members.
  • Interesting news items are headlines for a week also

Featured Image

  • All headlines are best created with a Featured Image. This is used as a thumbnail in the headline news feeds and will help to make your news item clearly stand out. Without it, your headline may look a little monochrome!
  • Maximum height for a featured image is 300 pixels if you don’t want to risk WordPress slicing off the top and the bottom…. you can upload an image then shrink it very easily in the media library.
  • Adding a Featured Image is done in the post editor.
  • If you alter a featured image after the post goes live, wordpress will take a while to realise. Facebook and Google take even longer. So its worth giving it thought before you publish. If you SHRINK the image after the event though that’s fine….
  • minstead-churchyard-in-winter-sun

    The perfect dimensions for a featured image are different in WordPress and Facebook so it’s hard to get a REALLY good one. Images of churches work well with lots of extra padding round like this one  to the right

  • Posters etc can be used – landscape works better than portrait.

The Headline

This should contain all the vital information – “Training Day” is hopeless! “Andover District Training Day Bob Doubles August 32nd” is ideal!

The Contents

The first 55 words will become an except anywhere that is needed, or in FB the first 15 or so so best not to repeat the headline, but to give other essential information first.

If it’s a long news item break it up with sub headings or images to make it easier to digest.

If you want a contact person then you will need to type Contact Fred Bloggs and create a hot link to Fred’s Contact Page.

Don’t include email addresses in the text, or in included pdf files or included word files. This can be a pain but it is a Guild standard we adhere to….

The Categories

  • NEWS (required)
  • HEADLINE (required)
  • GUILD or DISTRICT or TOWER (one is required)
  • INVITATION if it is referring to a future event (even a cancellation as this is a sort of un-invitation) otherwise not.
  • then the usual, ie district name and tower name.
  • Possible extra from the ringing categories such as YOUNG RINGERS, SURPRISE MAJOR, etc etc

And after the week of glory….

The HEADLINE category will be removed. If the item is still of relevance locally then it remains on several pages. If it is now history it will go into ARCHIVE. It will remain NEWS permanently in 99% of cases.


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