Bellringing as a U3A activity?

Sue Le Feuvre reports:
I’m in Guernsey at the moment so went along to the Forest practice yesterday. They have decided to offer bellringing as a U3A activity and yesterday was the first meeting. One lady was having her first handling lesson when I arrived at the church. She seemed to enjoy it and progressed really well.

The U3A is scheduled for 2.00 to 3.00 and so they decided to change the normal weekly practice from 6.30 in the evening to follow on at 3.00 until 4.30. It’s only the first week but it seemed to work really well. The practice was buzzing and rather than hoping that 6 people who could actually ring something would turn up; Phil had to make sure that everyone had a fair crack at the whip. Ringing ranged from call changes to Cambridge and was enjoyed by all.

It’s a ground floor ring so in summer I can imagine people wandering in to have a look when en route to the Occupation Museum…

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