A&P District Calendar (Published 23/2/2016)

Here is the district calendar for the year 2016 – 17. There will be other surprise major practices to fill in as the dates and venues are decided. Valerie

AP District 2016-17 calendar as of Feb 24th
2016/17 A & P District Calendar
including Guild events

2nd Alton Outing
3rd Monthly 8 bell practice (Holybourne)
14th District General Practice at Blackmoor 5.30 – 7.00
21st Inter Tower 6 bell and 8 bell Competitions
27th – 30th Central Council Meeting
7th Monthly 8 bell practice (Holybourne)
11th District General Practice
at Petersfield 5.30 – 7.00pm
2nd Guild AGM ( based at New Arlesford)
Including Inter-District Striking Competition
5th Monthly 8 bell practice (Holybourne)
16th District Barbecue & General Practice
2nd Monthly 8 bell practice (Holybourne)
3rd District Practice at Winchester
18th – 21st Bradfield Ringing Course

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