Map of the Isle of Wight taken from Dove. Click for interactive

Website News – Isle of Wight Pages Upgraded

The Island section of the Guild Website is in the process of a radical upgrade and overhaul at the moment – please let me know if anything bad results!!! Good results should include:
  • Your Bell Weights Properly displayed
  • Tower photos better displayed (this is ongoing and they will be centred *soon* I hope!) – no longer cutting off the tops of the towers!
  • Photos of each tower included on the District page
  • each tower’s page has its recent news embedded (if there is any! A couple of them have been a bit quiet!). Thise with a lot of news now have their own archive embedded in the page also.
  • a “Clean” news feed at the side of the page – only news that is currently applicable.
  • ALL contact information is now on the contact pages – data duplication removed.
  • Ringing Times have been created as separate items, enabling them to be embedded into the District page and eventually into the tower directory without duplicating the data

Once these changes have bedded in and their impact assessed (please comment using the box below if you wish) then the process will be rolled out to other Districts.

Work also continues on improving the display of photographs at the top of pages – thanks to Chris Smithies (Bournemouth, Sacred Heart) for valiant assistance rendered in providing code to sort this out – next time the website is “re-customised” this will be implemented.

Pay a visit to the Island ….

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