Guild Mid Monthly Meetings

News About Mid Monthly Meetings:

About the Mid Monthly Meetings

This institution was started by Bob Cater, then General Secretary, on his retirement in 1999. It has been running continuously since. The day consists of some gentle ringing usually at 3 towers, one in the morning and 2 following a relaxed 2 hour pub lunch. Generally those present are retired but not exclusively so and all ringing abilities are welcome and attendance is typically around 20.
The first meeting this year, in April, visited Steep, Froxfield and Privett. The May venues are just across the border into West Sussex at Westbourne, Funtington and Staughton. In June we pay our traditional visit to the Isle of Wight.
If you are not keen on “minutes” or “matters arising” fear not. The only business conducted is a short vote of thanks to the organiser. So if you are free why not enjoy a friendly day’s ringing. Dates can be found on the Guild Calendar (see below).

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for announcements please let me know.

Future Dates for meetings are on the Guild Calendar:

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