Website Update Thursday Feb 11th

People People People

Several District Webmasters, Officers and Tower Captains are busy learning how to post onto the website and I am really happy with the success that some have experienced – the biggest issue is trying to teach people at a distance, how to do something that is a little bit complicated. Look at the little “author” section under each headline and you will start to see a variety of names…

Contact Information Upgrade

new style contact directoryIn a rolling program following each AGM, I am upgrading the way contacts are handled so that a change in role, or contact details, only needs to be entered into ONE place on the website. Fully implementing it will entail a change to every tower and district page so is ongoing, as changes are needed. Portsmouth District’s page is now using the new system, plus a sneaky little “what’s on” section to remind people of the next event… The Contact Directory now is self-updating so you should all be there within about an hour of your new page being created. The process is not quite real time but it’s pretty swift. It is also printable (tested just with Google Chrome so far) and the instructions are on the page.

Improving News Feeds

Several people have suggested we have a much better system of archiving. Many of the news feeds (that show on the right hand side of the page) are getting rather clogged up with out of date news (victim of their own success!), but deleting news altogether is a bad idea – loss of the archival material, plus lots of “page not found” errors…. So gradually the news feeds will incorporate the test “NOT IN THE ARCHIVE” – any that have already been upgraded are now called ***News. To see a finished example please visit A&P District Home Page Work ongoing!

Dedicated News Pages with a local twist

There is now so much news being added to the website every week that it’s nice to see your local stuff in one place with a few Guild headlines… that’s the idea behind the new District News pages that are currently under development. Have a look at the Winchester one – as news is archived, sometimes sections will be empty – that isn’t a bug! Once the local members are happy with their new pages, I will link them into the main menu system to make them easy to find.

Work on the odd display of “Featured Images” at the top of some pages

Featured images really perk up these summary news pages – but they are not perfectly displayed on the actual news items if you click through. I am awaiting some support from WordPress at the moment – I know what code I need to add to the main CSS Style Sheet, but for reasons they seem a little puzzled by, I am currently unable to load and edit the style sheet! This WILL get sorted – please be patient! I am aiming for centred and white backgrounds and the heading text not cutting into the image.




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