Christchurch Priory Tower AGM – Post Changes

AGM report:

Our AGM was chaired by the Priest in Charge, Charles, and was swift and painless! 2015 was a good year – to read more please see the Tower Captain’s report. The Vice Captain and Secretary have both done long, honourable and much appreciated service – and of course they will both continue to ring with us!

New Post Holders:

Frances Benjamin has stood down as Vice Captain, after many years of good service. She is replaced by 2 people, Rosemary Rogers and Ian Penny.

Janet Collins has served the band as Tower Secretary for 10 years and is being replaced by Rosalind Martin.

The other post holders were voted unanimously back into place for another year, so the new team comprises:

Tower Captain:
Contact Rosemary Rogers - Telephone: 01202 473175 Address: 104 Pittmore Road, Burton, Christchurch, BH23 7HE Email: Use Form:
Vice Captain:
Tower Secretary:
Contact Janet McCoy - Telephone: 01202 475880 Email: use form
Steeple Keeper: John Bolt assisted by Rob Bury and Richard Woodward
Public Relations Officer: Rosalind Martin

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