How to add the sound of YOUR bells to your tower page

By now you should be hearing the sound of Grandsire Triples from Christchurch Priory!

It’s reasonably easy…and what a great addition to your web page for members of the public and other ringers. Making videos is harder, especially if your band isn’t used to being filmed. Audio files are MUCH less personal!! Here’s how…

  • Download an easy to use recording app (such as “Easy Voice Recorder”)
  • Download a directory app (such as ASTRO file manager)
  • Pick a moment when the Ringing Master thinks the ringing is sounding pretty good
  • Make a short recording (one or two minutes is ideal) and check it sounds good! Background chatter isn’t great….
  • Give it a name which includes the name of your tower (this helps us to find it in future later in the website’s growing archive
  • Send it to as an attachment, explaining where you want it to be played, and what is being rung. (Astro will have it in the folder EasyVoiceRecorder or similar to the name of YOUR app).


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