World’s Ringers to converge on Portsmouth

CC2016 Logo

Do you appreciate their work?  Do you dislike their work?  Or have you never heard of it?

Whatever your views are about the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, Our W&P Guild has the honour of hosting its AGM in Portsmouth over the weekend of  27th-30th May 2016.

Each year a Guild is chosen to receive members of the CC and this year they will be coming to Hampshire from across the world to enjoy a packed weekend of activities and meetings. Have a look at the details at the event page – and if you fall in the “never heard of it” category, take a look at to see what they do and who our representatives on the Council are!

A small group of people have been working very hard getting everything in place for CC2016 and now we are looking to our great Guild for volunteers to do their bit and help out with the events over the weekend.

In particular we need people to:

  1. Act as stewards for the meetings – there is an open meeting on Sunday 29 May 1-3pm, and the main meeting 9am-1pm and 1-5pm on Monday 30 May.  For these we need people to take roving microphones round to speakers, and also on the Monday to act as tellers in any elections/votes, and to help officers etc out where needed.

  2. Go round some of the towers on the Saturday tours – making sure we are met, that ringing only takes place in the allotted times, collecting money/checking day tickets, controlling the crowds and possibly ringing to make up numbers.  The towers have been split into six “helper” routes so it shouldn’t be too rushed.  If we get enough helpers, it would be nice to have three or four at each tower to make sure people arriving on their own get a ring.

  3. Be on the Help Desk in the HQ Hotel at various times to welcome people and answer visitors’ queries.

As you can see there is nothing complicated, we just need as many people as possible from our Guild helping and showing the world how supportive and lovely our ringers are.

If you can help in any way, or want to know a bit more please email or give Christine a ring on 01794 518068.

Thank you in advance!

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