Website Update 6th Feb 2016

Contact Information Management

AGM season is in full swing now and with it, new people need to be added into the Contacts System on this website, and others need to have their roles changes. As this happens in each District, the way that contacts details are handled moves away from hard coding (which was the fastest way to create the website in 2015) over to proper database update. This is a rolling process, starting with District Officers. Basingstoke officers’ table is complete if you want to take a look. The changes are:

  • Everyone who is a post holder has their own contact page. If there is contact information it will be called something like; if the person prefers to be contacted via the District Secretary their page will be called simply Anyone wishing to provide contact information for the site for the first time should fill in this consent form. ALL the details will be recorded ONCE on this form and not copied onto multiple pages.
  • Any time this person is mentioned on a page or in a news item, the details are retrieved from their page in real time, using the post description not their name, technically using their categories.
  • Once tables of contacts are using this new system, they will be elegantly coloured to flag up the upgrade.
  • If a person changes role, then their categories need to be changed but none of the pages need to be altered – the change will be automatic over the site. (It may take 30 minutes to show through though).
  • If a person stops having an official role, their page is removed and they will disappear from the whole site.
  • “roles” can include event organiser, a contact page is easy to create and can be done for a short while.
  • As before, no email addresses are displayed on the site in order to protect us all from spam. The only exceptions are where the person sees a benefit in displaying their address, like the webmasters’ own email address:email address

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