Change of Officers in Andover District

Peter Niblett
Chairman Peter Niblett

Andover District has a new Chairman, Peter Niblett, and Tim Pink and Helen Piper become joint Ringing Masters. Gill Garder becomes the Executive Committee Rep, and Brian Oakes and Rosemary Brandwood become the District Officers’ Forum Reps.

In honour of this change of personnel, the Andover District pages on the website have been given a bit of a change of look and feel. Have a look and you will notice:

  • A new banner image to be displayed over the main pages (and over this one!)
  • The District Calendar now has its own page, clearly visible on all screen sizes, and the google calendars for the District (and Guild) can be imported into your personal calendar system if you wish. This helps forward planning!!
  • The Officer Table is now showing just names and roles, but clicking one will display the details. but if you want to see all the telephone numbers and addresses, you can click on that option. Not pretty, but nice to be able to quickly see who you can phone up and write to! And names which don’t have hotlinks, are people sho prefer to be contacted by Guild Report owners only.
  • Every officer has their own page with a logical name, which can be used on posters and other printed material which may be put online – for example Peter’s is – this allows people to email you but provides spam protection.


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