CS District Secretary’s Report 2015 (For ADM)

District Secretary’s Report 2015

2015 has been a year of significant change in the district. We have implemented a new style of district programme, which places more emphasis on ringing.

The main change was having two hour district ringing practices taking place in most months. All abilities were accommodated from rounds upwards and we had a special method of the month.  These were held at Eling in February, Minstead in April, 12-bell practice at Bitterne Park in May, St Mary’s Southampton in June, St Peter’s Bournemouth in July, 12-bell practice at Christchurch in October, and Sacred Heart Bournemouth in November. The monthly practices have been generally well attended and we are seeing more people from the district attending including some who have not previously attended district ringing events.

Our two annual striking competitions have been successfully combined with these district practices. The Hartless Striking competition (call changes) was held in Sopley in March and the Hinton striking competition (six-bell change ringing) was held at Brockenhurst in September.

We have retained the ever popular Carol Service which was held at Christchurch this year, and summer practice at Winchester Cathedral. Both very enjoyable.

The outing this year in September was to Wiltshire, which included a variety of bells, some more enjoyable than others. A good time was had by all that attended.

We have continued with running Youth Practices during the school holidays. The age of Attendees have ranged from 7 – 17. Practices have been well attended by 15 of our young ringers making good progress each time.

Sallie Ingram

District Secretary

January 2016

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