CS District Executive Committee Member’s Report 2015 (For ADM)


The Executive Committee met in March & November

In March :

  • – the Master read a resignation statement by Rosalind Martin
  • – David Mattingley was elected as a Central Council Representative
  • – the BRF Trustees recommended grants for Wherwell & Ecchinswell
  • – a Council for the Care of Churches DAC Bell Advisers Conference in Winchester
  •     was advertised
  • – the Business Plan was approved
  • – it was decided to disband the BRF Fund-raising and Social Committees


– It was decided to propose the following motions to the AGM :

  •      – that a Database of Guild Members be created
  •      – to divert the subscription proportion allocated to the BRF to central & District
  •         funds
  •      – that the Guild reimburse ART/ITTS costs (currently £20 per person) for
  •         members attending an ITTS course

In November :

  • – the final W&P 200 Club draw for the years 2013-5 was held
  • – additional members were elected to the Belfry Stewardship & Communications.
  •    Committees
  • – presentations on using Social Media and the new website were given

– It was agreed to :

  •      – list Elizabeth College, Guernsey separately in future Guild Reports
  •      – send Alan Buswell’s Quarter Peal Project* records to the Archivist        
  •                                                                                      *(established in 1960)
  • – it was advised that the band at Ropley are at pre-planning stage
  • – the Master mentioned her meetings with Christine Hill, the Bishop of Winchester and the Dean of Portsmouth Cathedral; and that her Spinnaker Tower Abseil raised £400 : £200 each for Ropley & Ecchinswell.

2016 dates were agreed or advised : (see also the online guild calendar)

  • – 02 April  South East Region Young Ringers Striking Contest at Epsom
  • – 16 April  National Mini Ring Striking Contest at Marston Bigot
  • – 21 April  Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday
  • – 10-2 June  Queen’s national birthday celebrations
  • – 02 July  Guild AGM at New Alresford

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this Report

Steve Castle

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