How to get more ringers to attend your practices….

OK so there’s no guaranteed method! Otherwise we would all already be doing it! But for some practical ideas read on:

  • Visit other practices – this builds up a supportive relationship that may well generate reciprocal visits
  • Post about good practices here on the website – that way other ringers will see that you are enjoying your practice nights and may be more tempted to come
  • Post about cancellations here on the website – there is NOTHING more offputting than driving to a new place and being left in the dark in the church yard. You may not be aware that around 50% of potential visitors prefer not to ring ahead – they will base their decisions on your tower web page….
  • Pamber Priory Photo by Adam Greenley
    Pamber Priory Photo by Adam Greenley

    Make sure your tower webpage is welcoming, correct, and has a stunning photo. The one on the right is a brilliant example – doesn’t it make you wish that the bells at Pamber Priory were ringable?? You can request any changes to your tower page. You can even have 2 or three if you want to.

  • Have a clear poster in the church porch, detailing your ringing times. Could you replace it every month? Fresh is good!
  • Join Facebook and become a member of your District Facebook Group. It’s the easiest way of networking with local ringers, especially the younger ones who are ringing several times a week.

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