Up to Date Guidelines from CCCBR – Safeguarding Children in Towers from CCCBR


We are seeing increasing numbers of children learning to ring in CS District – hopefully also you are seeing this trend! We need to plough through some dull stuff to ensure we are doing what we need to do, to keep them safe as they ring…. so it’s really good that CCCBR have updated their guidance. See below. RM

Dear ringers,

This note (opens in new tab))gives an update on Safeguarding following changes implemented by the Church of England and will also be published in the Ringing World and on the CC website.  I would also draw your attention to the fact that a summary sheet has been produced in conjunction with C of E and has been sent round to Dioceses so you may be receiving this from the other direction.  Do let me know if you have any queries.

yours sincerely

Chris Mew

CCBR and on behalf of Tower Stewardship Committee

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