Ringing for England 2016

Ringing for England iconDear Secretaries and Ringing Masters,

May I first of all wish you all a very special and successful New Year. I thought I would bring you up to date with the progress for this year. There have been and are going to be several meetings with interested parties outside of the ringing circle. This is all bodes well for you for on hearing more of what you do they have been delighted and are keen to contribute in some way.
Many television and film celebrities have voiced their joy that this Campaign exists and the latest is Bill Bryson. Sadly he will be out of the country as he would have loved to have rung a bell or two somewhere and wishes every success to all who take part.

Then there is the challenge of the ‘Rolling Ring’. We already have North Bucks of ODG who were the first to sign up and they were followed by Taunton and now we have Preston with Middsx & London, Witney & Woodstock and Chelmsford as possibles. We would of course love more to come on board and just give it a go as it will be great fun and should earn you much rewarded support from your local area.

If you were able to use the RforE Facebook you would see all the up to date news and keep in touch that way. If not then I shall send out another update around the end of February if I think it would be of help. Good Luck with everything – Libby
Libby Alexander
Ringing for England Campaign – April 23rd 2016
Telephone: 07799 23 04 23

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