To write a post on the Website

  • You will need to be given a login for the site – this can be requested from the webmaster.
  1. Log in to WordPress.
  2. Go to the Add New Post page
  3. Give the post a sensible title – for example “Surprise Practice at Hursley, 7pm Oct 1st” which tells the reader enough to let them decide whether to open the post and read it!
  4. Enter your post body content in the main post editing box below it. One screen full or less is ideal. A Picture REALLY helps – there is a big media library already, or you can add your own pictures [see this post for instructions]. To add an existing picture, click the little icon to the left of “Paragraph”, and click on the picture you want. If it’s not on the first screen, use the little “search” icon (top right of the box). There is a picture of most of the towers so try tying the name of the tower.
  5. Open up the “Categories and Tags” box on the left of the screen by clicking it.
  6. Start typing the name of the category you want and then tick it to select it.  The most likely categories for a post are listed below. A full list can be seen on this page on the left hand side, click the category name to see a definition plus which is the category’s Home Page (if any) plus the latest news in the category. (see below)
  7. You can check your news looks right by clicking the Preview button
  8. When you are ready, click Submit for Review.


Much more information about Categories

This website is completely dependent on categories in order for each news item to be displayed beside the correct page. There are 300 pages on this website, and most of them have their own Category, so you may find the following useful:



Almost all new posts are in the category News which ensures they are displayed beside the front page underneath the headlines. If in doubt, click the News category on your post.


Posts in this category are displayed at the top right on the front page and bottom right on EVERY page, and the aim is to have them current, and important, and to have 6-10 at any one time. The webmaster will “demote” old ones into News. Headlines are chosen by the webmaster, or one of the Guild Officers. If in doubt don’t tick “headlines”!


Many posts are invitations to an event. These appear beside the page

Tower Name

Most ringing takes place in a tower so you probably need to tick the category for your tower as well. Mostly this is obvious and you will find it easily… type the name of the town or village and it should be there.

District Name 

Tick this, plus the district news category if there is one (this exists to enable districts with a lot of news to quickly de-list old news without deleting it from the site, or removing the link to the District’s archive)

District, Tower or Guild

One of these 3 is relevant to most posts, as most will either come from a Tower or from a District Committee or from a Guild committee. News categorised District appears beside the, and news categorised Tower beside Category Guild posts are beside the page

A committee name 

If your news comes from a Guild Committee then you need to also select its name eg:


Mosts posts are in this category. This one is aimed at Google – we want Google to know this website is all about ringing!

Surprise Minor

This would be used for a special practice and posts appear beside the page Other categories like this are Plain Minor, Surprise Royal, Surprise Major and Surprise Maximus.

Firsts Fortnight

Puts posts beside that page….. etc etc.


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