FirstPeal2015 reflections

Develop your skills

This week’s Ringing World leads with a comprehensive report on FirstPeal2015 – the target smashed, a last minute rush of First Pealers, and our Guild coming out with a respectable total.

2015 was surely the year where Peal Ringing became Cool, there were more First Pealers than in any year since 1991.

My hope is that the project will make a lasting difference to our community. We have realised that it IS worth ringing a peal of Plain Bob Minor, because the experience of Peal Ringing can benefit the participants. You can’t overpull for 3 hours, the method becomes engrained in your memory… your confidence as a ringer improves, and never again will a Quarter Peal feel Long!!!!

We all strive for good striking, fewer mistakes, and a better overall sound from our bells. Peal Ringing really seems to help.

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016Keep the First Pealers coming through in 2016, especially in Firsts Fortnight (March 1st-15th). Congratualtions Janice Firth, First First Pealer of 2016 in the Guild!




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