Now have the final list of Peals and Quarter Peals rung for 2015 at Island Towers.
1 Peal was rung at each of the following, 6 peals in all for the year: Freshwater (Jan); Carisbrooke (Apr); Newchurch (Aug); Chale (Nov); Whitwell (Nov); and Shorwell (Dec).

63 Quarter Peals were rung in 2015 by 9 of our towers:
Brading 19; Ryde 18; Brighstone 9; Chale 4; Godshill 4; Newchurch 4; Arreton 2; Niton 2; and Carisbrooke 1.

Ryde having massively upped their game from the average 6 Quarter Peals in the last few years.

There have been many more attempts at both and all who took part in any ringing, and all those that recorded ‘firsts’ in any ring, are to be congratulated on keeping ringing alive and to the fore on the Island. Well done all and especially so to the few conductors we have to rely on to help us out!

I should also say this is by only Island ringers, there have been visiting ringers but these are not recorded in our District Records.

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