Learn to Ring at Christchurch Priory

If you want to learn to ring, please contact the Ringing Master so he can arrange for you to visit us on a Monday evening and meet the band.

We recruit small groups and start them with a course which runs for about ten weeks at  9.30-10.30 on Saturdays, where basic bell handling and striking skills are covered.

Once basic bellhandling skills have been mastered, the learners join the early Monday practice, where they ring Rounds and Call Changes with some members of the band. Our practice night then covers the skills of method ringing which keep us all challenged!

Members who wish to, also participate in Guild and District Education courses to work on more advanced skills. The District also has a program of monthly practices targeted at different skills which are open to all those ringing at an appropriate level. Members are also welcome at District Practices which offer a greater variety of levels of ringing, plus an opportuniuty to socialise with ringers from across the Dsitrict.

There are also bellringing programs which run on computers and smartphones which help bellringers to learn “methods”.

ART association-of-ringing-teachersBell Handling skills are taught using the Learning the Ropes Scheme. One of the teachers recently qualified at Level 1 of the scheme, mentored by the tower captain.