Firsts Fortnight – March 1st-15th

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016Ringers love a challenge and it’s good to recognise achievement, in ourselves and others! Ringers are likely  to remain ringers if they know they’re doing something well and enjoying it.

Handling a bell unaided for the first  time – memorable and exciting (after the fear and trepidation bit!)

Ringing Rounds for the first time is a great achievement, so is ringing or calling first call changes. Ringing a quarter peal is very rewarding, whether in tower bells or handbells. Calling a touch.

There are so many possible “Firsts” we can aim for and hopefully achieve. What a great feeling it is to reach that goal, often after much hard work – listening to teachers, studying books and using Abel….then “What next?” Ringing offers us so many challenges, it’s great!

So, between 1st and 15th March, let’s challenge ourselves and others to take another first step ..first visit to another tower? first ring on a tenor? first ring on a treble? first quarter peal “Inside”…..let’s be determined and encouraging of all!

Let’s use the numerous milestones available to us all to enable more and faster progress in our ringing journeys.

Get your tower to tell us about all of the success stories. It’ll be recorded on the Guild website so we can enjoy seeing the progress made and be inspired! There’s a form below.

Happy Firsts Fortnight!



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